Be a part of the local farming movement by signing up for our weekly CSA shares. You will receive 8-10 locally grown fruits, veggies and herbs every week! Our CSA runs for a total of 30 weeks, broken down into 3, 10-week seasons (Spring, Summer and Fall) from April  to November, at $25/wk. Pickups are available Tuesday-Thursday, depending on where you want to pick up. New for this year, we are offering delivery in zipcodes 20001 and 20002 for +$5 additional/week. In addition, your CSA share helps support Thanksgiving Baskets for in-need families in NE, DC.
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I, {{answer_17794744}}, would like to receive a weekly share of local and fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I will pay before the start of the season to offset the costs involved and help support school garden and community programming through Cultivate the City.

Which school are you supporting?
*This means that proceeds for your CSA share will go back to supporting that school's garden program!

Where will you pick up your harvest share? *

How will you pay for your CSA Share?

How many weeks of CSA pickups would you like to prepay for?

Payment is due by March 1st. Payment plans are available.
If you sign up for 2 or more seasons, and pay by Jan. 1st, you will receive 1 week FREE & a garden gift.

If you are unable to make full payment by March 1st, please let us know below and we can possibly implement a payment schedule.

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